Consultant Contract Services
Work Load rating criterion
Last Updated: 09/13/2006
This is a rating based on the firm size and the firm's current LADOTD work load.
The maximum workload (M) is calculated as M = Z x W

where Z = is the firm size entered on the consultant record.
W = maximum workload per person in $1000 (input by user)

The firm's current workload (C) is computed from the firm's remaining dollar amount (in $1000): C = R
The ratio (P) of the firm's current workload (C) and its maximum workload (M) is calculated: P = C / M
(If P > 1, P is set equal to 1.0)
A scaling factor of 4 is applied to P to determine the value of X in the following formula:

(X + 1.4)2 + (Y + 1.4)2 = 31.12

where X = P x 4 and Y = work load rating

Solving for Y: Y = (31.12 - (X + 1.4)2 )0.5 - 1.4

This equation is a circle with a center at -1.4, -1.4 and a radius of 5.578.
It will result in a rating ranging from 0 for a firm with a full load to 4
for a firm with no current workload.
The workload rating will be the same for each work category.