Consultant Contract Services
List of Frequently Asked Questions
Last Updated: 10/29/2013

Top 10 Reasons for Disqualification of Request for Qualifications Submittals:
1. Failure to list all projects awarded/under contract with DOTD, Section 12 of the DOTD Form 24-102.
2. Firm does not meet Minimum Personnel Requirements.
3. Did not sign DOTD Form 24-102.
4. Using out-dated DOTD Form 24-102.
5. DOTD Form 24-102 submitted past closing time/date.
6. No Staffing Plan, Section 9a of the DOTD Form 24-102.
7. Did not list Sub-Consultant(s) or submit an DOTD Form 24-102 for Sub-consultant(s).
8. Reporting full-time staff incorrectly (i.e., including what should be a Sub-consultant).
9. Reporting firm and staff experience inaccurately.
10. Inaccurate information in the DOTD Form 24-102.

How do I pre-qualify for DOTD consulting projects?
LA DOTD does not keep a prequalified Consultant list. However, all requirements listed in the advertisement for projects must be met in the time-frame shown in the advertisement.

What is the DOTD Form 24-102?
The DOTD Form 24-102 (24-102) Qualification Statement provides an overview as well as insight of the firm desiring to do business with the LA DOTD. The 24-102 contains the information necessary to provide evidence that best depicts the experience of both firm and personnel as related to the project. The S.F. 24-102 and the instructions for completing the 24-102 can be accessed through the Consultant Contract Services Website.

Where can I find information about invoicing?
Instructions and sample invoices for DOTD project managers and Consultants can be found on the CCS website homepage under the link "Invoice Information".

How do I obtain information regarding my detailed scoring breakdown sheet for a DOTD Shortlist/Apparent Selection?
This is posted with the apparent shortlist and final rating list.