Consultant Contract Services
Invoicing Tips for Consultants
Last Updated: 07/28/2015

Please follow the instructions listed below to assist us to expedite the invoicing process.

1. Invoices must be sent to the DOTD Project Manager for review. The Project Manager will then forward to Consultant Contract Services. Submit invoices on sample format for Lump Sum, Cost Plus, Billable Rates and Retainer Summary Sheets available on our internet site.

2. Invoice exactly as the contract is written. (Excluding breakdowns of subs, and primes). Do not add contract actions together when invoicing or break the contract actions apart. (Example: Title reports and Title updates. If the contract has the reports separate from the updates then separate the two on the invoices).

3. Prior approval is required from the Consultant Contract Services Administrator if funding is switched within any phase.

4. State rates for lodging, mileage and meals are used for all DOTD contracts as outlined in the Louisiana Travel Guide at

5. Be consistent, when invoicing do not invoice a contract action one way this time and another way the next time. Organize the invoice in the same sequence for every submission. Until a standardized checklist becomes available, please include a cover sheet and number the pages for Direct Expense supporting documents.

6. Include the name of the prime and the name of the sub on the invoices according to the contract action and percentage of work that is being invoiced on.

7. Include the sub’s Federal Taxpayer ID Number.

8. The dates worked “to” and “from” (usually monthly) are required.

9. Make sure work is not after the expiration date of the contract action.

10. Correct State Project numbers or Task Orders numbers are to be included on all invoices.

11. Make sure the Task Order is assigned to the correct phase of work on the invoice.

12. Invoices that are submitted for work past the contract expiration date will not be paid without the Consultant sending a justification letter to the Project Manager. Once the Project Manager approves the letter, he or she will forward the justification letter to the Consultant Contracts Services Administrator for his approval.

13. On cost plus invoices put the overhead rate, date established and by whom?

14. Provide information of person to contact regarding questions on invoices. (Name/Email/Telephone No.)

15. The State Fiscal Year ends June 30th. Payment of invoices submitted near the end of June may be significantly delayed.

16. The thirty days for payment begins when a correct invoice, approved and signed by the Project Manager is received in the Consultant Contract Services section.

17. Subsequent invoices will not be approved until the previous invoice is deemed correct.

Receiving the correct information, expedites the payment of the invoices. If you need additional information, contact Elaine Rougeau at (225) 379-1405 or email: