Consultant Contract Services
Tips for Project Managers When Submitting Invoices
Last Updated: 04/15/2015

Below is a list of items that should be checked BEFORE sending the invoice to Consultant Contract Services Unit for processing. Following this checklist helps to expedite the payment process. If these items are omitted, it can delay the payment to the Consultant.

1. Use DOTD's standard formats as posted on the website.

2. Check zfipbec screen for funding and please use approving memo attached to approve invoices for payment. Print out Purchase Order Overview-Funding Report out of Info View and attach to every invoice.

Memo for Project Manager Submitting Invoices 2014 retainage.docPO overview for pm's.docx

3. Check Expiration Dates for ALL contract actions before submitting invoices for payment.

4. Make sure work has not been performed prior to the Notice to Proceed date.

5. Make sure a Principal Member of the firm signs the invoice certifying the invoice is correct.

6. Attach ALL backup required and submit with the invoice (summary of salaries, copies of receipts for direct expenses, etc.)

7. Check the direct expenses to verify the expenses can be paid on a specific project or should the expenses go into the overhead rate? (Can this item be used on another project? More than likely, the item would be in overhead unless special permission is given in advance to purchase the item).

8. Check the direct expenses to make sure they are eligible for payment and do not exceed the state rates allowed for lodging, mileage and meals as outlined in the Louisiana Travel Guide at

9. Check percentages on the lump sum invoices before submitting them for payment to ensure mathematical correctness.

10. When making notations, please make sure it does not mark over important information.

11. Invoices that are submitted for work past the contract expiration date will not be paid without the Consultant sending a justification letter to the Project Manager. Once the Project Manager approves the letter, he or she will forward the justification letter to the Consultant Contract Services Administrator for his approval.

12. Invoices will no longer be held. The invoices if incorrect will be sent back to the project manager.

Receiving the correct information, expedites the payment of the invoices. If you need additional information, call Wanda Crawford at (225) 379-1405 or email: