Consultant Contract Services
For DOTD Project Managers
Last Updated: 01/08/2016
Please assist us with the following requests in order for our office to expedite Advertisements, contracts, supplements, EWL's, Time Extensions and other contract actions:

Please assist us with the following requests in order for our office to expedite Advertisements, contracts, supplements, EWL's and other contract actions:

  • Please follow the procedures in Chapter 4 of the CCS Manual for all negotiated contracts
    Chapter 4 - Negotiated Contracts.pdf
  • Provide the information listed in the attached outline when requesting an advertisement
    Advertisement Request Master 01-08-2016.pdf Procedures for Developing Appropriate Billable Rates for Engineering Consultant.pdf
  • Complete the attached Memorandum when requesting a substitution of a Project Evaluation Team member.
Substitution of an Evaluation Team member document.docx
  • Please follow the check list attached under Invoicing when you submit consultant's invoices to CCS.
  • All requests for Supplements need the following information submitted in the request:

1) Plan ahead
2) Identify Source of Funding
3) Provide justification for supplement; and
4) Obtain approval of the Section Head and Division Head
  • Please continue emailing or sending your notice of suspension of contract time and also when it is taken off for suspension in order for us to keep an accurate date for payment of invoices. Invoices will not be approved for payment past the expiration date without proof of suspension or time extension.
  • For Non-Competitive contracts, please submit the following: Whenever the need for a non-competitive selection is ascertained, the appropriate DOTD Section Head will submit justification to the Consultant Contract Services Unit. The justification will be reviewed and submitted through the appropriate Under Secretary, Assistant Secretary, or Chief Engineer to the Secretary for approval. The request will be in a written form and contain:

1) Letter by the Section Head and approved by the Division Head
2) Justification for non-competitive selection
3) Estimated Contract Amount
4) Justification why this firm is performing this work
  • Please rate the consultants at project milestones *****************************************************************************************
  • Please see Contract Information/Professional Services for information on How to request a Professional Service Contract, Consulting Service Contract, Sole Source Contract, Emergency Contract, or Request for Proposals (RFP).
  • Please see Contract Information City/State Agreement for information on How to initiate a City/State (Entity) Agreement. Also, for sample Urban ON and OFF System City/State (Entity) Agreement.