Synchronizing your Windows password with your Notes password
To synchronize your Microsoft® Windows password with your IBM® Lotus® Notes® password, you must have selected the custom feature "Client Single Logon" when you installed Lotus Notes. See the following procedure for how to check whether you installed this feature. If you didn't install the feature, you don't have to uninstall Lotus Notes -- you can use Add/Remove Programs in Windows to change the current installation.

Note If you use a Smartcard to log in to Lotus Notes, or if your User ID is protected by multiple passwords, password synchronization with Windows is not supported.

To install and enable single login

1. Check that you have installed the Client Single Logon feature by choosing File > Security > User Security. The option "Login to Notes using your operating system login" in Security Basics is enabled if you installed the single logon feature.

2. If the single logon option is not enabled, exit Lotus Notes and use Add/Remove Programs in Windows to change the installation. Click Change, and then follow the instructions in the Lotus Notes 8 Installation Wizard, selecting "Client Single Logon Feature" in the Custom Setup dialog box.

3. When the feature finishes installing, restart Lotus Notes and change your Notes password so it matches your Windows password.

4. When you have changed your Lotus Notes password to match your Windows password, exit Lotus Notes and restart your computer. When prompted, log in to your computer using your Windows password. When you launch Lotus Notes, you should not be prompted for a password.

Note Once the single logon feature is installed on your computer, you can enable and disable it at any time.

To change your synchronized password

When synchronization is enabled, you can change your synchronized password at any time. Whether you change your password through Windows or through Lotus Notes, the passwords synchronize so you can use the new password the next time you login to Windows or Lotus Notes. To change it through Windows, refer to Windows Help. You can change your synchronized password through Windows only if your Windows and Lotus Notes passwords already match. Otherwise, you must change it through Lotus Notes. To change it through Lotus Notes, see Changing passwords.

To disable synchronization

1. Click File > Security > User Security.

2. Click Security Basics.

3. Uncheck "Login to Notes using your operating system login" under "Your Login and Password Settings." You do not have to change your password. Once you disable the synchronization, you have to enter your password when you login to Lotus Notes, rather than being able to open Lotus Notes without entering a password.

To completely remove the single logon feature you must uninstall Lotus Notes. When you reinstall Lotus Notes, do not install the "Client Single Logon Feature."

Note Password synchronization on the Macintosh can be performed using the Macintosh OS Keychain feature. For more information on this feature, see the Macintosh on-line help.

Updating synchronized passwords

Occasionally, if you have set up single log-on between Lotus Notes and the operating system, and you are prompted to change your Lotus Notes password, the change may fail. This is most likely because certain requirements, such as password quality or history settings, may be more rigorous for one password than the other. Lotus Notes 8 checks password changes differently to minimize the chance that a password update will fail.

Now, when you are prompted to change your Lotus Notes password:

1. Enter a new Lotus Notes ID password. Lotus Notes checks that the new password meets Domino password requirements.

2. Next, you are prompted to change the Windows password. If the password does not meet Windows password requirements, a message appears saying that the Windows password change does not meet requirements and that you should check the minimum and maximum password length.

3. Click OK. The User Security dialog box change password prompt re-appears.

4. Enter a new password. If the new password meets Windows password requirements, the Windows password is changed and then the Lotus Notes password is changed.

Note If the Windows password failed, you can still proceed with the Lotus Notes ID password change. However, you will receive a warning that your Lotus Notes and Windows passwords will not be synchronized. Click Ok to acknowledge the warning, and you will be able to change your Lotus Notes password.

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