Selections - listed by Advertisement Date and Lead Project No.

  DateProject No.DocumentProject NameParish(es) / Route
11/21/20224400024612SelectionContract For Off System Highway Bridge ProgramAvoyelles Parish/Spring Bayou Road Over Spring Bayou
11/21/20224400024660SelectionIdiq For Construction Engineering And Inspection Services
Statewide With Majority Of Work In District 03
11/16/20224400024831SelectionIdiq Contract For Pavement Preservation Design Services
District 03
11/10/20224400024588SelectionContract For Off System Highway Bridge ProgramEast Baton Rouge Parish/Neff Lane Over Wind Creek
11/10/20224400024589SelectionContract For Off System Highway Bridge ProgramEast Baton Rouge Parish/South Tiger Bend Road And East Achord Rd Bridges
11/10/20224400024591SelectionContract For Off System Highway Bridge ProgramEast Baton Rouge Parish/Mchugh Road Over Brushy Bayou
11/10/20224400024592SelectionContract For Off System Highway Bridge ProgramEast Baton Rouge Parish/Lemon Road Over Drainage Bayou
11/10/20224400024593SelectionContract For Off System Highway Bridge ProgramJefferson Parish/West Metairie Avenue Over South Suburban Canal
10/19/20224400024461SelectionContract For La 385: Ryan Street Intersection ImprovementsCalcasieu Parish/Route: La 385 / La 3186
10/05/20224400024585SelectionContract For Off System Highway Bridge ProgramAcadia Parish/Chinaberry Drive Over Unnamed Coulee
10/05/20224400024587SelectionContract For Off System Highway Bridge ProgramEast Baton Rouge Parish/Carey Road Over Blackwater Bayou
09/29/20224400023972SelectionIdiq Contracts For Cultural Resources ServicesStatewide/
09/29/20224400024584SelectionContract For Off System Highway Bridge ProgramAcadia Parish/Airport Road Over Unnamed Canal
09/29/20224400024586SelectionContract For Off System Highway Bridge ProgramCaddo Parish/Osbr Hosston River Road Over Kelly Bayou
09/29/20224400024590SelectionContract For Off System Highway Bridge ProgramEast Baton Rouge Parish/East State Street Over Corporation Canal
09/21/20224400024641SelectionContract For La 447 Corridor StudyLivingston Parish/Route: La 447
09/02/20224400024424SelectionI-10 Its Scott To Lake CharlesLafayette, Acadia And Jefferson Davis Parishes/Route: I-10
08/25/20224400024650SelectionIdiq Contract For Geotechnical ServicesStatewide/
08/12/20224400023921,SelectionIdiq Contracts (8) For Bridge PreservationStatewide/
08/12/20224400023943SelectionIdiq Contract For Roadway Design ServicesStatewide/
08/12/20224400024307SelectionI-20: Widening/Ovrly (Vancil Rd-La 34)Ouachita Parish/Route: I-20
08/02/20224400023909SelectionIdiq Contract For Movable Bridge PreservationStatewide/
07/14/20224400023897SelectionLa 47: Iwgo Bridge Rehabilitation (Hbi) (Ce&I)Orleans Parish/Route: La 47
07/07/20224400024147SelectionIdiq Contract For Value Engineering ServicesStatewide/
06/30/20224400023837 SelectionIdiq For Ce&I Services For Safety ProjectsStatewide With Majority Of Work In Districts 02, 61 And 62/
06/30/20224400024113SelectionContract For Pecue Lane/I-10 Interchange Ce&I)East Baton Rouge Parish/Routes: Pecue Lane And I-10
06/14/20224400023717SelectionEntity Contract For Fortune Road Pavement PreservationLafayette Parish/Route: Fortune Road
06/14/20224400023772SelectionEntity: Audubon Ave Ovly: La 1 To Terrebonne P/LLafourche Parish/
06/14/20224400023782SelectionEntity: Downtown Thibodaux SidewalksLafourche Parish/
06/14/20224400024021 SelectionLa 302: Bayou Barataria Mb ReplacementJefferson Parish/Route: La 302
06/07/20224400023706SelectionSouth College Rd (La 3025) SidewalksLafayette Parish/Route: La 3025
06/07/20224400023783SelectionBayou Blue Road (La 316) SidewalksTerrebonne Parish/Route: La 316
06/07/20224400024084SelectionCmar Hooper Road Widening (La 3034 - La 37)East Baton Rouge Parish/Route: La 408
06/01/20224400023718SelectionEntity Contract For Valhi Blvd., Multi-Use Trail, Phase 1 Terrebonne Parish/Route: Valhi Blvd.
06/01/20224400023812SelectionIdiq Contract For Weigh Station Assessment, Rehabilitation And Plan DevelopmentStatewide/
05/27/20224400023305SelectionContract For I-12 Managed Lanes ConversionEast Baton Rouge And Livingston Parishes/I-12
05/06/20224400023510,SelectionIdiq For Bridge Inspection ServicesStatewide/
05/02/20224400023722 SelectionIdiq For Debris Monitoring StatewideStatewide/
04/14/20224400023434SelectionContract For Us 190: Uprr Overpass Near OpelousasSt. Landry Parish/Route: Us 190
04/14/20224400023689 SelectionIdiq Contracts For Safety StudiesStatewide/
03/18/20224400023640SelectionIdiq For Tolling SupportStatewide/
03/11/20224400022830SelectionAmerican With Disabilities Act (Ada) Transition Plan UpdateStatewide/
02/23/20224400023101SelectionLouisiana Watershed Initiative/State Projects Program (Lwi/Spp) Group 1Beauregard,Vernon And St. Landry/
02/17/20224400023102SelectionLouisiana Watershed Initiative/State Projects Program (Lwi/Spp) Group 2Caddo,Jackson,Rapides,Evangeline,Grant And Franklin /
02/08/20224400023076SelectionEntity: S Tangipahoa Roads - Pavement Rehab (Ce&I)Tangipahoa Parish/
02/01/20224400023075SelectionEntity Contract For S Lewis St WideningIberia Parish/
12/28/20214400022581SelectionI-10: N.O. Cbd3 (Poydras - Louisa) And I-10: N.O. Cbd4 (Louisa - I-510)Orleans Parish/
12/28/20214400022901SelectionLa 3094: Hearne Ave Bridge Replacement And
Us 80: Kcs Rr Overpass (Hbi)
Caddo Parish/Routes La 3094 And Us 80
12/17/20214400022582SelectionContract For Replacement Of Eight (8) BridgesBienville, Caddo, Richland, Union And Webster Parishes/Routes Us 80, La 525, La 173, La 2 And Us 167
11/08/20214400023074SelectionIdiq For Ce&I ServicesDistrict 61/
10/26/20214400022231SelectionEntity Contract For Joliet Trail (Brusly) (Ce&I)West Baton Rouge Parish/
10/26/20214400022263SelectionNatchez Drive Rehabilitation (Ce&I); Lindberg Dr. @ Us 190; N. Carnation St. RehabSaint Tammany/
10/11/20214400021972 SelectionIdiq For Professional Surveying ServicesStatewide/
10/04/20214400021094SelectionContract To Update Statewide Transportation Plan & Statewide Transportation Travel Demand ModelStatewide
09/23/20214400021740SelectionI-10: La 415 To Essen Lane On I-10 And I-12
Phase I: W. Of Washington St. To Essen Lane (Ce&I)
Phase I, Segment 01: W. Of Washington St. To Perkins On/Off Ramps
West And East Baton Rouge Parishes/Route I-10
09/20/20214400021593 SelectionIdiq Contracts For Bridge Load Rating ServicesStatewide/
09/13/20214400021783SelectionContract For Replacement Of Eight (8) Bridges
Districts 02 And 03
09/13/20214400021887SelectionContract For Replacement Of Sixteen (16) Bridges
District 08
08/26/20214400021121SelectionCross Bayou Bridge ReplacementCaddo/Us 71
08/26/20214400021513SelectionContract 1 For Movable Bridges (5)Orleans,Cameron,Iberia,Terrebonne And St. Tammany Parishes/
08/26/20214400021514SelectionContract 2 For Movable Bridges (5)Vermilion,St. Martin,Assumption And Cameron Parishes/
08/26/20214400021515SelectionContract 3 For Movable Bridges (5)Iberia And Terrebonne Parishes/
08/26/20214400021516SelectionContract 4 For Movable Bridges (5)Pointe Coupee,Lafourche And Terrebonne Parishes/
08/23/20214400021517SelectionContract 5 For Movable Bridges (6)Vermilion,Lafayette,St. Martin And Calcasieu Parishes/
08/19/20214400021519SelectionUs 371: Kcs Rr Overpasses HbiWebster/Us 371
08/17/20214400021595SelectionIdiq For Bridge Instrumentation ServicesStatewide/
07/28/20214400021531SelectionIdiq For Professional Surveying Services
Statewide, With Majority Of Work In Districts 08 And 58
07/19/20214400021530SelectionIdiq For Professional Surveying Services
Statewide, With Majority Of Work In Districts 04 And 05
07/19/20214400021532SelectionIdiq For Professional Surveying Services
Statewide, With Majority Of Work In Districts 03 And 07
07/19/20214400021533SelectionIdiq For Professional Surveying Services
Statewide, With Majority Of Work In Districts 02, 61 And 62
07/19/20214400021680SelectionLa 1: Leeville To Golden Meadow, Phase 2, Ce&ILafourche/La 1
06/18/20214400021325SelectionIdiq Contract For Stage 0 StudiesStatewide/
06/01/20214400021186SelectionEntity Contract For Barringer Drive Sidewalks (Ce&I) And Entity Contract For Civic Center Sidewalks (Ce&I)Tangipahoa And Terrebonne/
05/26/20214400021338SelectionLa 1: Leeville To Golden Meadow, Phase 2, (T-Wall)Lafourche Parish/Route La 1
04/06/20214400020960SelectionIdiq Contracts For National Flood Insurance Program (Nfip) And
The Cooperating Technical Partnership (Ctp) Program
03/04/20214400020842SelectionIdiq Contract For Engineering And Inspection Services Of State Regulated DamsStatewide With Majority Of Work In Districts 03, 07, 61 And 62/